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Clubhouse Re-Opening and New Layout - Modelling Progress Update 6

In line with the next set of Coronavirus restriction being lifted on Monday 17th May, the Taunton Model Railway Group will be able to open the clubhouse to members, albeit in line with the agreed Coronavirus protocol. Unfortunately, this does not allow visitors to the clubhouse, but we are hopefully this will change at the next step in June.

However, modelling has been carried out by some of our members at their homes.

This blog focuses on our new layout, a replacement for the old Tamerig.

Club Member, Frank Barrett, has continued with his work on the removable section of the baseboard that will be home for the central station. He has completed the scratch build of the main central station, and shops, along with some houses and the girder bridge. Once on the layout, the girder bridge will see the main lines for the layout pass underneath.

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