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Our Group was founded in 1968, our members range from very experienced to complete beginners, with varied interests and working in various scales.  Many of our longer standing members would admit that they started out knowing little, but have learnt their craft from trial and error, extensive reading, and of course learning from, and associating with, those that went before.  Very few would boast of being skilled in every area involved, so if you aspire to improve your modelling skills and enjoy the company of others with the same enthusiasm why not take a look at what we get up to by coming along to one of our meeting evenings, Monday or Thursday, and see what we get up to. As we are just starting out on the construction of a new layout there can be no better time to join us! Message us so that we can give you directions as to how to find us and to ensure one of our other members is there to greet you.

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