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Our Layouts

Here at TMRG, we currently have our award-winning Bath Green Park layout as featured in a number of well known magazines, along with a layout of 'Bishops Lydeard' during the current preservation era.


We continue to work on our newest layouts under construction - 'Tamerig New' and 'Marshfield'.

nevard 2 - oct 07 - edited.jpg

Bath Green Park

(OO Gauge)

1950s - 1960s

Bishops Lydeard

(OO Gauge)

West Somerset Railway, Preservation Era.

Tamerig New

(OO Gauge)

Under Construction

1930s - 1960s - 1980s - Present

Tamerig Central
(OO Gauge)


Our Layouts: Programs


(00 Gauge, DCC)

Under Construction

1920 - 1965

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